MISD Application Process

Step 1: Check admission eligibility

Ensure that you have met the admission requirements for the program. Please refer to Admission Requirement for all countries

Step 2: Fill up all the forms

* Application fee 50 USD (Non-refundable)

Step 3: Provide the following documents
  • 6 passport-size photographs with RED background.
  • 1 copy of passport (must have at least 1 year validity)
  • 1 copy of birth certificate
  • Notarized/Certified true copies of all educational transcripts and completion certificates.
  • English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS / TOEFL)
Step 4: Submit your Application Fee

You are required to submit online all forms and required documents including proof of payable application fee to us at the following address:

MISD head office in US:

Progressive Dentistry DBA McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry 135 Columbia, Suite 101 Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656, United States

Learn more about Application Fee

Note: Please ensure that your application forms and documents reach us at least 2 months before program commencement.

       Step 5: Online interview (in English)
  • Students must schedule this after submitting the application fee
  • They must express their goal, why they chose MISD and what they can do for best results while studying in MISD.
Step 6: Acceptance by the School
  • Offer letter
  • Student contract
  • Instructions on programs Acceptance (International student)

* Deposit 5.000 USD (Deposit policy)

If you decide to accept the offer, you will need to sign the Acceptance Form and the Student Contract and return both documents to MISD via fax/email/post. Alternatively, you may also submit the documents to MISD recruitment partner in your home country.

Step 7: Application of Student Pass

Upon receipt of your signed Acceptance Form and Student Contract, and all the requirement’s document for programs, MISD will then proceed to submit your Student’s Pass application via to Indonesia Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health to get recommendation letter. After that all the document will send to Indonesian Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). You will know of the outcome within 3-4 weeks to get the student visa.

Step 8: Payment of Program Fees in 1 November

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