Study dentistry: smart choice for brighter future

Oct 04, 2016

It is evident that dentist always get high scores in many job rankings all over the world. U.S News & World Report which is best known today ranks dentist the No.1 and No.2 in The 25 Best Jobs of 2016. Apparently, dentist is highly esteemed  profession based on high income, good future growth, abundant and balanced work life.

In reality, a young dentist will probably become a specialist in esthetic dentistry if he/she chooses suitable education programs. There are various specialities, for example, orthodontics (correcting malpositioned teeth), orthognathic surgery (realigning jaws), plastic surgery (chin and jaw reduction), esthetic periodontal surgery (gummy smile correction), esthetic prosthodontics (veneers), implantology. Esthetic dental specialists are able to work in hospitals or private dental clinics, doing professional researches or training clinical skills. Furthermore, they may become speakers in international congress. Corporation of multidisciplinary specialists, especially, become a primary trend nowadays. It is named as Smile Design Team or Esthetic Dentistry Team.


The golden formula for successful dentists is starting to apply for international dental school, such as MISD Indonesia. It must provide an education program and a clinical skills tranning program meet the US or the Europe quality standards. Lately, juniors pursue their favourite esthetic majors by applying for master specialist or posgraduate programs in US or the Eu universities.

However, Asian young people who want to study dentistry in America or European countries  seem to meet huge challenges. Prior admission for local students, high tuition fee, racial discrimination, behavior differences and cultural barriers on stage of clinical practice are some of multiple difficulties.



McGann PostGrad School of Dentistry (MPSD) Mỹ, Universitas Prima Indonesia and Ycompany Viet Nam are three contributors of MISD Indonesia.


The best solution, in current time, is applying for McGann International School of Dentistry- Indonesia (MISD). MISD is founded by three education institutions: McGann PostGrad School of Dentistry (MPSD), University Prima Indonesia (UNPRI) and Y Company Viet Nam. It seems to be an exclusive opportunity for Asian students to access high-qualified education of dentistry.


MISD students will learn an advanced program which is established by MPSD - an American leading education center. MPSD has 40 locations worldwide, providing various posgraduate courses for over 7000 dentists. Therefore, after graduating from MISD, students not only get a graduate degree but also postgraduate certificates in 3 majors including orthodontics, implantology and esthetic dentistry. As a result, it will be easier for them in pursuit of higher education, such as master programs in Munster University in Germany or Advanced programs in NYU, USC in the US.

Besides, MISD tuition and living cost in Indonesia are more affordable for Asian students. In holidays, they could easily come back their hometown to adapt local work environment. School of medicine and dentistry of UNPRI is a combination of school and hospital modern equipped as well as having abundant patients for practice. It is considered to be an ideal study environment for the US education program.

Last but not least, Y company - the most popular dental training center - always support those who want to work in dental clincic or international hospital in Vietnam. 

It is not too much to say that McGann International School of Dentistry is ideal for Asian students who want to pursue this promising career.



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