Qualities to become a dentist

Qualities to become a dentist

Feb 06, 2020

You probably already know:


Dentist is a doctor who specializes in dentistry (teeth - jaw - face). Dentist is the doctor that you will be closed to from preschool age (replacing baby teeth), adolescents (orthodontics), adolescents (fillings, bleaching), adulthood (gum treatment, aesthetic porcelain face stickers), to middle and senior citizens (prostheses, implants, periodontal).



You may not know:


Dentist is a sculptor: sculpting teeth model on wax, sculpting plastic teeth and porcelain teeth on the mouth.


Dentist is an engineer: analyzing mechanical force, designing and choosing suitable materials for each patient.         


Dentist is a business administrator: operating the clinic hospital business, managing the clinic hospital's staff, having skills in negotiation, planning and time management.


Dentist is a psychotherapist: being able to understand the wishes and needs of the patient, analyze the psychology of the patient based on the living environment and history of health care, advice and persuasion of appropriate treatment, reassuring and encouraging psychotherapy cooperation.


Thus, to become a dentist, you may have all of the above qualities, or none of them but you have the desire to explore and develop yourself. Any energy can cultivate that success.


Dr. Yen Vo