Communication skill in dentistry

Dec 31, 2019

Communication is an important skill for any profession and dentistry is not an exceptional one. It is necessary to reach an agreement on treatment and to maintain cooperation during treatment.



If you are a patient who comes for dental treatment, how will you feel if your dentist is taciturn? Are you comfortable going through treatment?! Or feeling anxious and even frightened?!



Another example, on the contrary, if your dentist is too comfortably, relaxed and casually inappropriate, can you trust him or her?!



It could be seen that communication in dental treatment needs to be friendly but in limitation, fun but professional, so that patients feel comfortable, relieved and believe in indications and treatment procedures.



Besides, communication needs to be in tune, meaning that the dentist must catch the patient's psychology in order to have appropriate behavior, based on personal factors (medical history, physical conditions, habits, hobbies ...), social factors (living and working environment), cultural factors (qualifications, nationality). Studies of behavioral psychology have shown that people who have the same behavior and communication are easily receptive to information, thanks to a sense of familiarity and closeness.



Hence, even if the doctor is the one who decides treatment plans, communication skill is always necessary.



Dr. Yen Vo