Differences of MISD Indonesia Program

Differences of MISD Indonesia Program

Oct 22, 2019

In the world, learning to become a dentist has never been easy for many reasons such as limited admission criteria, high tuition fees, tight examinations, Asian student stigma issues in the clinical practice on European and American patients. It makes studying DDS (doctor of dental surgery - dentist) program always restricted in terms of not only the student number meeting the entrance criteria, but also the graduates number in accordance with the output standard.



Fortunately, since September 2015, MISD (McGann International School of Dentistry) has been created by the cooperation between American MPSD (McGann PostGrad School of Dentistry) and Prima Education Group Indonesia. It has opened up good abilities for international students to have access to the standard American dental program with reasonable tuition fees in the Asean region. At MISD, the 5-year training program consists of 2 phases. Phase 1 lasts 3.5 years of theoretical and pre-clinical study in order to graduate with a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Science). Phase 2 lasts 1.5 years of clinical practice and graduates with DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery).


The difference of MISD is integrating postgraduate knowledge of 4 specialties: Orthodontics, Implant, Smile Design and Periodontal into a 5-year undergraduate program. This allows Dental Bachelor Graduates after having a BDS to attend the Master's program so that they possibility earn the MDS (Master of Dental Science) at the same time with the DDS, shortening 2 years compared to the normal training process. 


Especially in the 2020 school year, under the sponsorship of the Indonesian government, MISD awarded 10 scholarships worth 45,000USD each, for students who achieve the best entry standards. This is a great opportunity for Vietnamese students who are strong on scientific knowledge and hard work.


On 23-25/09/2019, the first-batch students of MISD Indonesia received a BDS Diploma, including 3 Vietnamese students receiving the title of "excellent student" are Le Quang Phan Dang Hai, Tran Thanh Tuan Anh and Tran Trung Quan.


Dr. Yen Vo