Project dental pubic health

Dec 28, 2018

Hello everybody, my name is Tuan Anh, a student of MISD 2015. I am in third year now and almost one more year i will enter the clinic. But before that, in module 18 of this third year, me and my friends had a Dental Public Health module - a module which is really cool and interesting. This module is special than other modules because we can come back to Viet Nam to do the project which the teacher had given to us. 

Our teacher give us three projects to do in Vietnam: 

  • The first project is about searching for Health Care System in our country ( state administration and professional guiding network) and Medical Law of Vietnam; 
  • The second project is to find about health service management and practice administration of a local dental clinic; 
  • The last project, which is the most complicated, is that we have to make a research survey and collect the data to evaluate the oral health condition in Vietnam (caries and periodontal condition). 

I will describe in details the project that i feel the most interested and the coolest one - that is the third project. There are 4 people in my group and my group chose to evaluate the periodontal condition - our topic for the project as well.  With the guidance from my friend’s mother( who is a densits) in our group, we were able to enter the Periodontal Department in Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology to do our research survey - which is an honour for us. 


Before starting the project, our group had to prepare every documents necessary for the evaluation (dossiers, inform consent, periodontal chart evaluation). We had to make sure everything was prepared carefully in order to make the process run smoothly. Fortunately, our group had a senior dentist who assisted us to do our project, we had to examine to each others before approaching the patients to get used to the examination process. We had done the research and collected all the data in 2 weeks. Here are some pictures of us when we did the project as below.  


Here is the picture of one member in my group who is examine for the patient and the other member help him in collecting the data.


When we have a lunch break, the senior dentist taught us how to do the scaling and we were able to in each other, an experience which was very useful and will help us a lot when we enter the clinical time. I hope he’s not crying because of me :((.



After 2 weeks of researching, we had learn lots of experiences - especially clinical experience which could help us in the future. Concurrently, the project also help us in improving our knowledge, how everything works and the examination process when the patient first come. 


Beside that we can develop our team work, how to make a research survey and how to deal with the data analyzing, therefore, we can make some plans and campaigns which will help our society to be better. This was an experience that not just only me, but also my friends will never forget because this was a really interesting project.