What are MISD 3rd year students learning?

What are MISD 3rd year students learning?

Aug 01, 2018

At MISD, the curriculum is divided into 2 phases. The first phase lasts for the first 3,5 years, including basic medical knowledge and pre-clinical practice.



This phase, firstly, provides students background knowledge and skills on theories, mechanisms, and inter-disciplines. Secondly, prepare mindset, behavior for a future doctor before clinical practicing. Thirdly, training in scientific research through the publications of scientific articles in domestic and international magazines. To achieve pre-clinical skills on patients (of course still under the supervision of lecturers), students must undergo a comprehensive exam after 3.5 years. Upon passing this exam, students will achieve a BDS - Bachelor of Dental Science degree, which is equivalent to a Bachelor of Dentistry. 



Entering the second phase of the last 1.5 years, students will spend most of their time in hospitals and clinics, practicing all types of simple and complexed dental treatments. Students then have to conduct a research project under supervision on a particular topic.



The first batch of students are currently in the second semester of their third year. Gaining the most common skills of dentistry such as Restoration and Endodontics are the big goals for this academic year. Students have access to the most up-to-date principles, materials and equipment. 



Students also learn how to perform a full recovery of all types of substances, instructed by Dr. Fernando Munguia from Loma Linda University, California, USA,  in charge of MISD Restorative department. Direct restoration such as fillings with Tofflemire molds, Garrison rings, to indirect restoration such as inlay/onlay, crowns, bridges with plastic teeth samples, dyke sets, Jiffi polisher, sand blowers, 3M cement or all brands used by clinicians, all applications are included for student practicing. 



For example, in Endodontics trained by Dr. Jose Aranguren from Madrid, Spain, students have access to the latest technology of contemporary Endodontics and maximum support from Denstply’s latest equipment system.



The full life of a dentist is increasingly getting into the minds of young people. Then from the subconscious, they would improve themselves in skills, thoughts and manners, ready to receive the title of Doctor of Dental Surgery, which will be given in more than 2 years. We are eagerly awaiting the first batch of young doctors to graduate with such a strong faith that they will color the dental industry with more and more excitement.



Dr. Fernando Munguia, Loma Linda University and MISD students



Students practice filling and preparation of Crown



Endodontic Practicing