Choose a high class jobs, have outstanding qualifications or equipped with good skills?

Choose a high class jobs, have outstanding qualifications or equipped with good skills?

Nov 13, 2017

High class jobs means that bringing high personal benefits along with social benefits. Personal benefits are a combination of many factors including good income, rich life, high growth prospects, competitiveness and low unemployment. Beside it, High class Jobs should belong to the group of healthcare professionals because they bring benefits to the community and they are respected by the society. Comparing to Medicine and Pharmacy, Dentistry provides all of these criterias, which is reason for why Dentists are always on the top of the job ranking board.



It is essential to select the right job but you need a passport to blend in  which should be a good Degree. The practitioners can not confidently meet the employers when they came from a impair quality education. Regionally and internationally recognized qualified degree will be a great advantage for anyone who owns it. A dentist who graduated from an American programs, deeply understands Asian culture and is licensed to practice in the Asian as MISD graduate will be a serious competitor to their’s peer domestic training program.


And if choosing the right job and the prestigious training program is a necessary condition, the skill is final condition, that decides the survival of the career. This is the X factor turn us to the targets of head hunters because of the adaption of the increasing high requirements. The best skills should be provided right at the university level, thanks to a variety of factors including problem-based learning, a full and modern practice environment, the International Dentists Tutors who have Experiences and enthusiastics. In addition, dental students should have early clinical exposure at high standard dental clinics. MISD is currently the dominant program focusing on training and developing the best skills for students.



Thus, a solid career always needs three elements: choosing the right job - outstanding qualifications and good skills.



The key is in the hands of those who choose, students or parents!