Healthcare studying in Europe and Asia (part 2)

Oct 11, 2017

Part 2 - Study Healthcare in Asia


    Growing up in Saigon, I was familiar with tropical climate - only sunny and rainy season so the climate was milder. Contrast to the Europe education system, the program was primarily focused on clinical practice skill than theory. Under the circumference, graduated Asian students predominantly had better clinical and technical skills than European students.



First and foremost, the way European people work and think is very different from Asian culture, which result in controversy or miscommunication if you study in  Europe and work in Asia. I myself had an unforgettable experience related to that and struggled for a while and after all, I realized that I could not be able to work in Vietnam with the firm and self-esteem perspective, where demand more flexibility and workmanship. There were quite a lot Vietnamese seniors who had an excellent learning process yet could not collaborate with Vietnam working field. Perhaps the convection of degrees were difficult or lacking of clinical skills, they decided moving to other countries in Europe or America to advance their work and studies.



Whereas the new learning environment I transferred to, which is MISD Indonesia, I have learned a lot of basic practical skills such as general examination of teeth, X-ray film reading, scaling and some special classes of professors from the United States to lecture about endodontic treatment, periodontal treatment and prosthodontics treatment, despite the fact we just 2nd year. As a result, I improved on every aspects.



  More than that, every week I had an assignment as well as group presentations on clinical cases, that bring me into excitement of investigation and enhance research ability, which will be useful for building positive relationships at workplace. 



My school is quite new so it is sometimes unavoidable to get the smoothest schedule arrangement between local and guest lecturers. Furthermore, in Asia, living condition is hardly closed to perfect as in Europe.

    Overall, I was not regretful about moving  back to Asia to continue studying. Clinical knowledge, essay writing skills, group discussions and presentations, and attitude at workplace are all precious stuffs that I was gained. With the familiar climate and alike human source, I felted like being home. And home was always the most peaceful place that my mood and spirit were light up respectively, more optimism and cheerfulness. As shown above, I believe that I can have a successful future. 


Hope all things considered will be helpful for consideration or selection the most effective way to reach your own achievement.



--------- Dang Phuong Khanh - MISD 2015 ---------