Healthcare studying in Europe and Asia (part 1)

Oct 11, 2017

Part 1 - Study Healthcare in Europe


    It is always a long journey to become a doctor/dentist! At the beginning, everyone was really excited and enthusiastic as they are about to join one of the noble career. Compared to a marathon, at every drinking station, less people showed up. At finish line, just only few people crossed it. Some of them had quit, some try to finish the race even they were last. The reasons were due to laking of geographic knowledge, sickness, weather or crowd effect? Those who had reached the finish line have to be determined, eager and energetic, similarly studying medicine/dentistry. It is an intensively extreme race so without preparing well, it is easy to  be discouraged and give up. To make your dream come true soon, medical system and environment are one of the most considerable choice. The experience of prior generations is one of the precious assets that will support for the choice of the next generation. 




On both negative and positive side, I did have a chance to study abroad in two distinctively medical systems : Europe and Asia. They have both pros and cons. Although my parents were both doctors, I myself still didn't have passion for the medical career. As I were struggling with the choice for appropriate industry and somehow want to follow their pathway, so I decide to apply for medical school.

There were so many frustrations and difficulties when I first came to Europe. Above all, with the senior's support and guidance, I was inspired by their enthusiastic spirit and help me overcoming those hard time. 



At my university, dentistry is a 5-years program, less than 1 year compare to medicine program. In fact, both program is equivalent for the first 2 years. Furthermore, dentist students also have additional-basic dentistry subjects to deal with, which making stress is unavoidable followed by excessive elimination through harsh examinations. From 1st to 2nd year, the number of students dropped by half and by 3rd year, it was only a quarter of the original. Till graduation day, only 3-4 out of a class of 30 students finished the long race.



The learning materials were detailed evaluation. Most of the examination were in oral form between one student and one professor. Consequently, the registration for limited date and seat was frequently problematic. Moreover, the oral results were  mainly depended on the professor's daily emotion. Even if your nationality may also affect the final outcome. In addition, the students would only be able to have 3 times for 1 subject registration and 6 times for examination of that subject and if remained not completed, student will be expelled with all deleted student status. The uncompleted subject will greatly restrict the number of subject you can enroll for next semester.


On the other hand, Europe environment made your skin or health better with subtropical to polar climate. Conventional public transportation and intellectual citizen created an unpolluted environment. 



Nevertheless the pros were usually associated with the cons, winter was extremely disastrous season. Although I had been warned about the "Winter sadness"- when need to use more supplemental sustenance to boost up the spirit or energy, nightmares always came with winter. Because of the cold weather, everyone stayed at home hence communication of the community was down. At that time, stressful study for examination combined with gloomy weather and few encounters, I was in extreme depression.



In deadlock situation, that motivated me to make the decision to transfer to Asia - where I can keep on my own race.


--------- Dang Phuong Khanh - MISD 2015 ---------