[Dental student in a day] - Precourse in Medan

Jan 06, 2017

[Dental student in a day]

[Precourse in Medan]


Hi all,

I am Nguyen Quang Huy, new student at MISD - McGann International School of Dentistry in Indonesia. I  have been staying in Medan for four weeks for the preparation course.  Our pre-course started at the beginning of December and it is the transition stage and a stepping stone for us to get used to the styles of learning in a new environment.


It has always been an advantage to be able to understand and speak local language when studying abroad; therefore, we have Indonesian class everyday, six days per week and each class lasts for 2 hours to quickly learn how to communicate with people. Fortunately, we find no difficulty in studying Indonesian as we started learning earlier in during our pre-course in Hochiminh city. Everyday, we study with native teachers so that we get the chance to understand more about Indonesian culture: religion, traditional cuisine and fashion. They also teach us how to ask for direction, the price, how to order food and Grab car as well.


Besides the Indonesian lesson, we also have English classes for specific purposes: English for academic writing and English for debate. Initially, all of us were really surprised to know that we was going to learn how to write critical review of a scientific article in the very first lesson of the course; after that, there was two lessons of referral letter writing class: it is a way of communication and information exchange among the dentist. The English class for debate also provided us with precious experience to bear in mind. For instance: how to argue, support or reject an issue and how to debate professionally. Now I know that these lessons will be essential for dental students in the long run.


In order to be used to the university learning style, we are introduced to ‘case study’ - a modern and effective teaching technique. We are divided into two groups to discuss about one clinical case. All we have to do is to search for the information in relation to that common case: from terminology definition, stages and categorization of the disease to the examination, diagnosis and solution for that case. Lastly, each group will have to present their work to the lecturer. This style of studying help us to understand the lesson naturally and thus, memorize it longer.


In this last week of preparation course, we will have a small charity trip to an orphanage with the aim to bring joy and happiness to unfortunate youngsters. Helping unlucky people also teach us to appreciate our life and what we have.


New schoolyear is about to start and soon I will become a freshman and despite the fact that I am very nervous, I still can not wait for it.


Nguyễn Quang Huy


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