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Nov 26, 2016

[Dental student in a day]


[Precourse 2016]


Roman once said “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunities”, we are preparing ourselves for something big, something bigger than ourselves at the time. 


What is youth? We are wild and free, we are full of love and happiness, we are ambitious and carefree, we have dreams and ideals  - we are young, I am young. Another way to describe youth is we are inexperienced. Everyday , we challenge our belief and faith and luck to pass the challenges, the unknown future, sometime it’s right and sometimes it’s completely wrong. 


I didn’t prepare myself to be a person who will study abroad or even how important it is to hold responsibility for one human life. I didn’t imagine myself as how I will become a dentist in further future. I didn’t ready for becoming a international student in MISD university in Indonesia. 



Presentation skill practicing


But I met people who were willing to share and give me the realistic vision about what i have to deal with in Precourse for MISD University of Dentistry. From the course, I have learnt about practical skills, social skills, several specialist vocabulary in medical school and indonesia language. And, in the course i had the chance to meet all the amazing people also the coolest dentists. They taught us with enthusiasm and love, they inspired us about the beauties and shared us the love of being a dentist. 



Infection control practicing



 Precourse Final Exam - 30 seconds for each station


And, the youth is the most wonderful and miraculous period because we have no fear, we are brave and confident. Now,  they give us the base, all we have to do is try harder and takes ours opportunities.


Lê Thục Minh Châu - minhchau.le.thuc@gmail.com

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