[Dental student in a day] - Learning Indonesia Language

Nov 26, 2016

Hello everyone, my name is Tuan Anh (John). I’m currently a student in MISD program. MISD is a program to train and educate dentists in cooperation between three countries: Viet Nam, USA and Indonesia. MISD School is located in Medan City, a third large city in Indonesia. Our program was designed according to curriculum from McGann International School of Dentistry in the USA and the course is totally delivered in English. As a result, it brings a lot of advantages for us to improve our English. 


Besides English, we need to study Indonesia language or we called Bahasa Indonesia. It is quite difficult for us if we don’t understand their language for sure, right? Every week, we will have 2 classes of Bahasa Indonesia and after about 1.5 months, there will be an exam. In my opinion, Bahasa Indonesia is either difficult or easy to learn. The alphabet of Indonesia is just as similar as in other popular languages like: a,b,c,d,…so we have lots of advantages to study this language while other languages like: Thailand, China,… which we must study from the basic of the alphabet. Let me give some examples for you guys: “Selamat Pagi” and “Selamat Tidur” mean “Good Morning” and “Good Night”. It is quite easy, right? 



In Precourse, MISD collaborates with Indonesia department of University of Social Sciences and Humanities, HCMc  to teach Indonesia language to students.


In class, the teachers teach us carefully from basics and be very specific. My tips are learning directly in the class. Everyday, there are a few words and grammar to remember, depends on the topic. During the class, you guys should concentrate and try to remember what you’ve been taught as much as you can. And for the rest of the lesson, you just only need about 15 minutes at home to study. Sometimes, there are words that are quite similar and are easily mistaken. When you meet this situation, just look for the word you used to study and compare it with the word you’re confused. This way of study will give you a chance to  differentiate between mistaken words and remember them longer. Oviously, being able to understand local language is very beneficial so that besides learning in class, try to study as much as you can from outside. You can study vocabularies from the billboard on the streets or in the restaurants you go everyday. Just think about it, everytime you go out, you can learn one to two news words and after certain times, you’ve been accumulaed lots of vocabulary. On the other hand, put those words in communication. Find your confidence in daily conversations and use it anywhere anytime as possible. That definitely helps you not to be afraid of this subject. And you start to like it.


Being capable to communicate Indonesia language, you can use it in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar. Some tips for you to learn better, Good luck all!


Tuấn Anh - tuananh2426@yahoo.com
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