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Nov 01, 2016

[Dental student in a day]


[Studying dentistry and playing sports]


Hi everybody, my name is Tran Trung Quan, and Luke is my school name. I am currently a freshman at MISD Indonesia. Today, I am going to share some interesting information about my student's life with you. 

At first, you might be thinking that being a dental student means that you have no time to enjoy your life, just study all day long, right? But it is not like you think, we establish MISD football club. Every Sunday, we are carried to the field by our private bus. We often have friendly matches with my other local dental students. By doing this activity every weekend, I am able to enjoy my free time, making more friends, and understand more about Indonesian culture as well. Besides, after intensive hours of our matches, we can go out for a nice meal with our opponents, have time for chatting, and know more about delicious specialties which you can't hardly find in VN. In addition, you can also take part in plenty of interesting sports such as swimming, badminton, basketball,...Not only our football team has our own bus, but buses are also available for any sports in our school in order to move around easier. There are clubs for gym or dancing to freely take part in also.

To my mind, joining a club will help everyone get closer to each other and show the solidarity between foreign students. Therefore, taking part in sports after stressful school time will help you feel more relieved and improve our health. A comfortable mind and a great health will eventually lead to a better performance at school.

Be a comprehensive dental student in both physical and mental health. I am willing to guide newbies like you to many high-quality training centers with fair price. After nearly a year being a student here, I am quite confident that I have become a "master" here, just kidding.



We are always welcome you at our sport group. Feel free to join us!


Tran Trung Quan - kidsquan1997@gmail.com

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