Sep 19, 2016

This program has been designed to fit with the willingness of students, who are searching for career orientation and real experiences about dentistry.


With the desire of sharing the world of dentistry to community, young dentists form iheartdentist group have been organized those workshop names " Dentist in a day" under main sponsor of MISD Indonesia.

Learn how to use dental instruments

Becoming a dentist is the most hunger desire as well as the hardest goal to be accomplished ever. The answer of how to become a dentist and whether this job is appropriate for me will be delivered within workshop. 


Under the mentor of experienced dentists, young folks are more than welcome to have such those wonderful moments: wearing white coat sitting on dental chair and checking their friends' teeth

Learn how to fill in a teeth on model

They can even try thier skillful hands with the daily work of a dentist: fill in a cavity on model, simulated the real procedure on patients

Career orientation talk

Intergrated in the workshop is the tips of communication and teamwork. Our dedicated dentists are more than willing to share their real experience on overview of dentistry, global dental trends and career chosing criterias.  

Receiving the gifts from MISD Indonesia

Nhân, grade 12 Gia Dinh High School, HCMc said “It's such an amazing and helpful event. I can learn a lot of skills and experience from the pioneers in dentistry. I think i have more references now to choose what best for my future career."

"Thank you for bringing up those issues that a young boy like me may never focus on. You inspired me very much. Now i have more confidence to participate in many activities to fulfill my knowledge, my skills to adapt future career. Thanks again Dr. Nhi." - Nguyen Hoang Minh Duc, grade 12 Nang Khieu school for the gifted shared.

Such an interesting experience of wearing white coat, exam gloves and checking other's teeth

Open regularly every Sunday morning from 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM, mostly in summer time. Located in high standard dental clinics in HCMc, Ha Noi, Da Nang.

10 students each workshop. 



Source: http://news.zing.vn/trai-nghiem-huong-nghiep-thuc-te-mot-ngay-lam-nha-si-post658259.html



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