[Dental student in a day] - Medan tour

Oct 28, 2016


[Dental student in a day]

[Medan tour]


Hi all,

I am Nguyen Quang Huy,  new student at MISD - McGann International School of Dentistry in Indonesia. Although December 1st is our first day as a freshman, I got the chance to pay a visit to our school in Medan city, where I am gonna spend my next 5 years studying.


When I first arrived, I felt like many things here in Medan city are similar to those in Hanoi and many other cities in Vietnam, from crowded streets to next-door houses; except for the traffic. Specifically in Medan and around Indonesia, vehicles go on the opposite side in comparison with those in our country. In the city tour this summer, I have met our first-year-students who are willing to give advices which help me get well-prepared for my  studying. I also met other new students and I found it interesting to get to know more about whom I will be studying with beforehand.



MISD 2015 and local Indonesia students meet MISD 2016 altogether


We were shown around the school including classrooms, rooms for discussion and experiment and library, etc. Several metres away from school lies the Prima Hospital - teaching hospital of MISD Indonesia. In the first year, students are arranged to stay at the hospital and for me, it is very unique cause only medical students have such a ‘’privilege’’ :)))) That brings convenience to the students when it comes down to travelling and sets their parents’ minds at rest.  Besides, we had chance to visit many destinations around Medan city such as museum, architectural and cultural monuments thanks to enthusiastic local and Vietnamese students. 

Of course we have tried Indonesian cuisines and most of them are peppery and I guess it will take time to get used to it!



Nature museum at Medan



Istana Maimun (Maimun palace) - a must-see in Medan


A big but not so noisy city like Medan is a suitable place to study and I hope that I will make the most of my time here to discover more about this city and people living here and have memorable experience with my new friends apart from studying.



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