[Dental student in a day] - How to study Anatomy sufficiently

Oct 17, 2016

[Dental student in a day]

[How to study Anatomy sufficiently]


Hello everybody, my name is Tuan Anh (John). I am now a dental student of MISD. MISD is a program with a combination between three countries: Viet Nam, USA and Indonesia to educate and train students to be professional dentists with an international quality. 


When you heard about dentist, your first thought is just about the teeth, right? But don’t you know that being a dentist just like as same as being a real medical doctor. We have to learn all the basics like others medical students have to learn, not just only about teeth. Amongs many difficult subjects, there is a subject called Anatomy, which is a fear for many medical students. Anatomy is a subject learning about every parts of our body, in specific. You’ll be drowning in a pool of knowledges need to memorize, that’s why it is very hard for the students to learn. I used to study this subject so that i deeply understand this feeling. Then i figured out a solution to solve this problem, by drawing. When you study, you often get lost in the world of words and pictures. Drawing helps us imagine easily because the nature of anatomy is in practical, not just only in textbooks. When you draw a structure or an organ of the body, you can visualize and enhance your understanding over words. For this type of study, you need imagination (if your are already good at Geometric, that’s cool), some colored pencils and time. Studies reports that your memory will improve when you turn it into a reaction linked with colored picture and/or sound. Therefore, you can also study by videos on the internet or anatomy applications for medical students on smart phone. 


So that you guys don’t have to worry about this subject because there are many ways to study and solving this problem to make us study better. The type of study i’ve mentioned above is just one of many ways to study. What about you guys? I believe that you guys are able to think of plenty of ways to study even better than me. Good luck to you! All the best!


Tuan Anh (John) - tuananh2426@yahoo.com

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