[Dental student in a day] - How your marks are calculated? (Part 1)

Oct 10, 2016

[Dental student in a day]

[How your marks are calculated? - Part 1]


Hi all, it is me again, Phuong Luu, a first year student of University of McGann International School of Dentistry (MISD), or you can call me as Ti Luu.

Today, I am going to share the way we have been calculated our marks in the learning process with you. 


In 60% of the learning process marks, we have a total for 4 sections: Presentation Score, Weekly Assignment Score, Post -Test Score, and Extra Assignment Score.

First of all, the important section is the Presentation Score. Every Monday we will make a group presentation to a medical specialist and our tutors about our research on a case study that we received a week before. The case study included the signs and symptoms of a patient, medical history, results of medical examinations, etc. Through the information provided, we often discuss about the etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, management, and treatment of the disease. In order to avoid digression, and to check the work progress, we have to have to 2 classes before going to the final presentation, one class to analyse the case study, and one to checkup the knowledge and the content of what we are going to show on the final under the group tutor’s instruction.


Secondly, I will tell you about the Assignment Score section. Every Friday we receive an email notification regarding the topic and the related contents needed to be covered in the assignment. Then, we will find the knowledge to answer the questions in medical books and medical journals, and write them down in a notebook to submit them the next Monday. Because of the workload, we do not have much free time even on weekends.  We have to do our assignment and also prepare for our presentation.

The third section is Post-Test Quiz that we often have after finishing the lecture. In many lectures, we often have a Pre-Test and a Post-Test with 2 style questions: multiple choices or essays to make sure that we have listened, and understood the lesson.

Last but not least is the Extra Assignment Score such as a bonus for questions outside the lesson, or for extra homework outside the fixed weekly homework.

In the next story, I will share with you how score is calculated for the remaining 40% of Module Examination.


Phòng thi


For the past one-year period, I was stressed and felt depressed because the curriculum is too heavy. I thought I could not stand it anymore, but I finally overcame, and got a not-too-bad result. Maybe you will ask me how I can do that. I just simply try my best (in fact, I got a lot encouragement from my friends). I just do not want to regret, or disappoint myself when I look back. After getting used to the pressure, and everything here, I am feeling much better now. It’s an important thing to remember, studying Dentistry is definitely not a joke.

No pain, no gain 


Phương Lưu - phuongluu.1912@gmail.com