Changing your job – Never too late

Sep 22, 2016

A man usually has to change alot of careers before getting to understand what would fit him the best. Actually, it is one of the most popular experience of the man who succeed.


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I am – myself as a dentist, working in dental clinic focusing on dental treatment, as long as taking care of McGann International School of Dentistry MISD Indonesia, as project manager. Most of the time working with the students in the project, i understand clearly that the tendency of changing career is really happening, especially in dental market, due to 80% MISD students have been joining to at least one professional before entering MISD. Currently, students getting MISD for the last commitment to become Doctor of Dental Surgery.



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Which career fits you the best?

Back to the fact that 80% MISD students changed their career at least once, there is a student finished Pharmacy professional in Russia, one Accounting in Australia, one Bussiness Management in Singapore, or some other students are on the way of professional of Pharmacy in USA, Economy in Canada, Medical, Architecture and Marketing in Vietnam. Others have just finished their high school recently. Everytime been asked about why you changed your job to become a dentist, there are always many reasons.



First of all, career orientation and job characteristics are the most important factors to count. At the time of graduation from high school, most of students have not had a clear vision of what should choose and how the job selection trend has changed over time. Why do students choose MISD to spend 5 more years for career invetment? That is definitely because the stability and oppurtunity of being a dental professional.




“All doctors are always willing to support their offspring following their career.”

Herb, MISD 2015



Furthermore, there are many factors affecting career changing decision. In a typical case of Herb, he used to wanted to be a designer, as his dynamic and artistic character. In the age of 30, he has completed several majors, but still he felt like missing something due to a big image of his mom and aunty as popular medical and dental practitioners. Above all, he understands clearly his mom’s wish “All doctors are always willing to support their offspring following their career.




misd precourse



It is such a competitive game getting in the healthcare academy in Vietnam or elsewhere, show clearly in the number of admitted students and high admission requirements. Either you have to choose to learn other major or try to get in a dental school in Hungary, Russia or China. Normally it would take you 6-8 years total to hardly accomplish a dental degree, with a very high tuition fee. That’s the reason why students are trying their best to apply to MISD Indonesia – considered one of the most updated dental course that composes many good factors such as: recognized qualification, modern knowledge, American training skills, 100% taught in English, career oppurtunity worldwide.




MISD Degree



Making decision of changing major would be affected by personal characteristics. I can see amongst students there are some that are vey special, dynamic, love challenge besides some are calm and logical, even artistic. They all love being dentists. Because of understanding the fact that dentistry is the career of doctor, engineer and artist combined. It’s not only an environment to build a name but also a place to express personalities and develop yourself.




Minh Quang MISD




” I wish that after finishing the program, i can be an interpreter for international seminars to fulfill my knowledge and clinical skills. When i have more experiences, i can come back home and devote more and more on research and academic career.”

Jimmy, MISD 2015



I witness my gifted students who are brave enough to quit their current major and choose another career which has a brighter and clearer pathway whatever the enonomic change or unemployment. I would say that whenever you found the gateway to your dream job, be 100% sure to try your best in it, then you definitely find some fancy at the end. 



Dr. Nhi Nguyen 
Project Manager - MISD Prima Indonesia 
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