Contemporary Endodontics - Dr. Jose Aranguren

Jul 27, 2017

" Contemporary Endodontics" - Dr. Jose Aranguren 

For Dr Jose class, he makes his own separation, theory in the morning theoritical and clinical pracice in the afternoon.

Day 1: opening access cavity skill lab. So for the first time, the student experience using dental unit and its equipment together with endo hand piece. They are fully protective covered by goggles, mask, headcap and gloves due to infection control reason in the dental clinic.


Student who has finished it has to do xray for the teeth (15 teeth of each student)
So in day 1, they also can recall again their knowledge how to do dental radiograph.




Day 2: cleaning and shaping session

All of the equipment completely provided by modern Xmart endomotor (Densply) for helping student to do the process instead of use manual . They are also being taught how to use the manual file anyway ,use of apex locator to determine the working length, what to do if there is no apex locator provided.

Day 3: obturation session.

We are provided  them with Thermaprep heater unit to teach them type of obturation (manual and digital skill also included in this session) 



Day 4: still repetition of these 3 days before.
Because each of the student has to finished before 5 p.m with 15 teeth for each of the student, so they were working hard with it by them selves.

Day 5 was the examination day
Student got suprises gift from Dr Jose on this day without any announcement. But proudly to said that even they said they dont get any preparation for this skill lab exam, all of them got good score. Dr Jose was satisfied with the result and their achievement, even this is their first time, but because of their hard working and also their own commitment to learn and keep practice, they got their satisfied results.


Dr. Julia Patricia

MISD Senior Tutor