Complete Denture - Dr. Fernando Munguia

Jul 20, 2017

"Complete denture taken with care" - Dr. Fernando Munguia from Loma Linda University, California, USA


The lesson plan for Dr Fernando class was complete denture procedure. So each of the day has different equipment to be used.

  • First day, they all learn how to do impression by alginate to the real patient. 8 patients were provided for them so each of the group has 2-3 members.

The one that make me feel awesome is Dr Fernando set it proper like this : 

  • 8-10 a.m: theory session 
  • 11 a.m: quarter third of the time is practical session (real patient, 45 minutes break) 
  • 12 p.m till night is the last session: laboratory activity

They make their own physiologic impression tray using acrylic powder.

I bet all of them know how the dental laboratory looks like. 



  • The second and third day, they continue to use their hand maker impression trays  to fit into the patient and do border molding, impressing using light body and heavy body. Really, i feel so proud that MISD can make it. Speaker and equipment used was so great.



Each full set of AD2 Full adjustmetn articulator for each student practice.

And back to the laboratory at night too...



  • The third day: Vertical dimension, Central relation with facebow and articulator full-adjustment AD2
  • The fourth day was a denture arrangement. They learn about different tooth artificial types and how to manipulate, how to keep a proper arrangement pretend like the patient is with us and set the arrangement. Then back to the lab again.



  • The fifth day was a fitting day, try in the denture made up by wax and arrange some occlusion surface for a better and normal appearance.



  • Last day was the finishing of anything that hasnt done before. And they can make it. Even on saturday. All of them finish it at 4 p.m before Dr Fernando go the airport.



This is Module 10, Semester 4, Year 2.

And what MISD are doing here is so overwhelming for all graduated dentists like us.



Big thanks to Dr. Fernando. You inspired us a lot. See you very soon Dr.


Dr. Julia Patricia 

MISD Senior Tutor