Medan city tour 2016: Vietnam – Indonesia cutural exchange

Sep 19, 2016

Vietnam – Indonesia cutural exchange

McGann International School of Dentistry MISD Indonesia called this extracurricular activity the “cutural exchange”. This is actually a reality activity to explore Medan – the third biggest city in Indonesia, where MISD Indonesia campus located.

Under guidance of local students of Prima University, MISD students has started their outdoor day in North Sumatra historic museum in Medan, where you can find the timeline for historical development, culture, politics in North Sumatra island and Indoneisa in general.



MISD City Tour 2016



Indonesia is well-known by the country of Islam, Christian, and Buddist. Therefore, students have a great chances to learn about every custom of each religion in the next 5 years. 



MISD City Tour 2016


MISD City Tour 2016



Medan is well-known by one of the biggest natural museum , where have collected thousands of animals specimens. Run by a private fund, this museum has been received alot of donation from government.



MISD City Tour 2016



Natual museum – Medan Indonesia


MISD City Tour 2016

Listening about the history and society of Medan



MISD Indonesia is the program which collaborated between McGann Postgrad School of Dentistry USA and Prima University (UNPRI). Along the way of the tour, students of MISD and UNPRI have taught each others the greetings in Indonesian and Vietnam, but the main language remains English.

For all MISD Indonesia 2015, this is such an interesting experience.