Smile Design - Dr. Luis Segura-Mori

Mar 04, 2017

The very first advanced class "Diagnostic and Treatment planning for Esthetic Implantology" from McGann PostGrad School of Dentistry instructor - Dr. Luis Segura-Mori

Three-day lecture was basically about:

- Records to take in esthetic dentistry

- Periodontal diagnosis

- Facial analysis

- Dentolabial analysis

- Dental analysis

- Gingival analysis

- DSD (Digital Smile Design)

- Communication with the lab

This is Module 8, Semester 3, Second year of MISD.




Bite-wing xray for DSD protocol (Digital Smile Design)



Step-by-step photography for DSD (Digital Smile Design)



DSD (Digital Smile Design) Facial Analysis



After class discussion



Dr. Luis Segura-Mori with Ulos - a traditional cloth represented the bond between MISD and instructors from McGann PostGrad School of Dentistry