Dr. Agim Hymer give a talk and ipad for MISD 2016

Nov 01, 2016

"I think that the university that you are going to is honestly one of the best you can go to. Because no other university that has everything in one school.  But no where in the world will they teach you …. You’re going to learn a lot of Ortho in your course. Nobody teach you to do that, no university in the world teach you to do that. You will learn Implants. You will work with oral surgeons, do a lot of difficult oral surgery cases. You will do it, but you will get to see how it’s all done. And in Australia, America, we dont see those kinds of cases, which is where you’re going, those people need to be treated. You will see it. It’s actullay very excited  where you’re going. You’ll see more. You’ll do more than any other students in the world. The More work you put into it. the more you will get out of it, the rest of your career will be very fantastic.


You will be better living in university than when we lived in university. You have a better base to start your career. And that’s where you’re going. I find it very very exciting. Excellent."


- Dr. Agim Hymer, MISD Instructor -