McGann Ratner Foundation: Smile of Children

Oct 28, 2016

McGann Ratner Foundation: For smile of children

Cleft palate is a group of congenital malformations of the common facial region. In Asia, the rate of children with a defect in the frog's jaw is 1-2 per 1000 children. This type of malformation affects not only the aesthetic, pronunciation and eating habits of the children but also the psychological impact of the child suffering stigma in the community. 

In the world, there are many charity organizations for the smiles of the children, including physicians specializing in facial plastic surgery. Every year these organizations come to developing countries like Vietnam, Indonesia ... for free surgery for children. Not exception,in 2016, McGann Ratner Foundation was set up by Group of McGann PostGrad School of Dentistry and Dr. Sanford Ratner (UCLA Lecturer, MISD)

The McGann Ratner Foundation's purpose is providing free best treatment service to cleft palate children in Indonesia and some countries in the region, including preoperative care, surgical and dental treatment intensive (orthodontist, prosthodontics ...) postoperative. Moreover, through the surgical program, Ratner's team and UCLA associate physicians will guide the surgical and liposuction facial operations of local doctors.

In order to provide intensive treatment for pediatric patients, the Fund had to pre-examine many sites before deciding to hold a Royal Prima Hospital in Medan, Indonesia. First of all, the infrastructure meets the high technical requirements from the surgical team. Next is the local staffs who are experienced in supporting international linkage programs, from patient data collection, paraclinical testing, surgical placement, side effects. surgery for postoperative care. Ultimately, surgical facial malformation is one of the essential skills for doctors and even dental students. Therefore, the organization of surgery at a university's practice hospital is a golden opportunity for young doctors in Southeast Asia and the students studying at this school to learn from leading experts in the field surface function.

Meeting with Dr. Ratner's team at the Royal Prima Hospital from MISD, the children will soon orient their interest in this specialty. In addition, they can learn a great deal from Dr. Ratner - a talented doctor, experienced and above all kind-hearted.

We can not fail to mention Dr. Ratner's heart to Vietnamese children. For more than 10 years, co-founder Open Heart Foundation with his team has returned the confident smiles to hundreds Vietnamese children. Although he is a humble person, those who have opportunity to interact with him will easily recognize his feelings for children with facial deformities. Not receiving any support from other organizations, he and his surgical team periodically spend each year in Vietnam for free surgery in both northern and southern regions. Now, with the McGann Ratner Foundation, he continues his mission of bringing smiles to Indonesian children.

Some things about Dr. Sanford Ratner

With more than 27 years of experience in Orange County with facial surgery (malformation and traumatic surgery, temporomandibular joint surgery) and oral surgery (Implant), Dr. Ratner also worked at Faculty of facial in Orange County Child's Hospital and Dean of Facial faculty of Joshep's Hospital who teaches at UCLA and is the specialized faculty member of the NBDE National Examination. Most recently, Dr. Ratner assumed the position of Head of Faculty of Facial McGann International School of Dentistry - Indonesia.