Madagui 2016: Survival skill and Teamwork

Sep 20, 2016

​Good knowledge, good skill

“Good knowledge, good skill” is one of the purposes of training in MISD. MISD focus more on soft skill to adapt to the living style in different countries. In 11-13 March, 2016, MISD Indonesia has organized a survival skill training course, go together with teamwork training for the freshmen in Madagui Camp – Lam Dong province, Vietnam.

In the 3-day course, two trainers from Singapore has trained them to work as a team, leadership and survival skill.


madagui 2016

Trainers from Singapore Mr. Alec and Mr. Tony








Students are free to explore self-personalities in various circumstances, games, psychological test with four main tendencies: leader, support, coopperate, conservative…


madagui 2016

Teamwork game

madagui 2016

Interactive game


Besides, lectures about key point in teamwork, leadership, connecting people help them get better in relationship building.



madagui 2016 -6

madagui 2016

Lecture about teamwork and leadership


Physical training included in every game: Zipline, grass-sliding…


Last but not least, learning survival skill is to handle challenges in ocean, in forest, when you get lost and how to adapt new environment.






Frankly, learning in school requires the balance between professional knowledge and soft skill training.