The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry (McGann Postgrad) is your source for reliable dental continuing education. Over the past 31 years we have established the highest academic reputation of continuing education worldwide. As a dental continuing education center, we make sure that all of our programs are based on scientific research, provide diverse resources, and offer the best support in the industry. McGann Postgrad has a leading team of educators who have progressed their fields clinically and academically.

The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry offers a large variety of educational programs. Whether you’re looking for a day course to gain a new skill or a comprehensive joint-master program to transform your practice, you can trust us to efficiently improve your professional skills and patient care.

All postgrad dental programs have been designed and intergrated in MISD Undergraduate program. MISD Student have been taught and trained all the modern techniques of Orthodontics, Implantology, Dental Esthtics,…


McGann Postgrad School of Dentistry
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POS - Progressive Orthodontics Seminars

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars

Established in 1984 by Dr Don McGann, with over 30 years of experience in orthodontics as well as a othrodontics specialist in USDI – United States Dental Institude, POS (Progressive Orthodontics Seminars) is a orthodontic program supported and organized by McGann Postgrad School of Denistry in USA, located in over 37 countries and 6000 doctors member worldwide.

POS has brought the success to many dentists not only for widespread knowledge, but also in procedure, software for analyzing, IP appliances which has been individually design for every patientsto reduce wire bending and above all, a good reputation company to support and consult.

POS community are growing globally under professional training and management guidance from POS.

Facebook: POS Ortho

Smile Stream - Online Software  

Smile Stream

POS community has just witnessed an amazing development in management professional and treatment plan.
On IPSoft background, POS established Smiles Stream – online management systeam with following strategy concepts:

  • Store and manage online patients record file on Cloud (many clinic members can approach a record file simultaneously everywhere;)
  • VTO and RBT (Range of bracket torque templates) quick and easy;
  • Treatment plan library with over 150 options;
  • Friendly and efficient interface;
  • Patient record handy to access and interact;

Website Smile Stream: