Dr. Don McGann
Dr. Don McGann Chief of Advisory Board in UNPRI McGann International School of Dentistry (MISD)


Chief of Advisory Board in UNPRI McGann International School of Dentistry (MISD)


Don McGann, DDS graduated from the University Of Pacific Dental School with OKU honors and immediately went into private practice in Laguna Niguel and Santa Ana, California.

While attending large amounts of dental continuing education during the 1970’s, he discovered his passion for orthodontics and began a thorough study of the field that has continued to this day.

Initially teaching for the United States Dental Institute (USDI) from 1980-1984, Dr. McGann continued to research orthodontics through exhaustive independent study, attending seminars offered by orthodontists, and practicing thousands of cases in a high volume clinical setting.

This immersion led Dr. McGann to a comprehensive understanding of orthodontics and the most effective methods of teaching ortho to the general dentist. In 1984, Dr. McGann created and began teaching his own orthodontic course, Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS).

Progressive was designed to streamline the straight-wire type techniques taught in university orthodontic programs, allowing dentists to offer orthodontics to their patients at a standard of care identical to that of orthodontists.

As graduating dentists told their colleagues about the program and the fun and profitable new specialty in their practice, POS continued to grow exponentially, eventually being taught in 34 locations with over 5,000 graduates worldwide.

Between editing the GP Ortho News, presenting lectures at the ADA and AGD annual meetings, and the worldwide success of Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, Dr. McGann has established himself as the world’s leader of GP orthodontic education.

Dr. McGann holds several orthodontic patents and has been published in the Journal of Clinical

Orthodontics, Asian Dentist, GP Ortho News, and numerous other journals.

Additional achievements include his creation of Progressive’s Internet Assisted Training program, which allows students to perform the majority of their orthodontic training through the Internet, and the 2003 introduction of the Individual Patient Appliance (IP Appliance), the first customized orthodontic appliance, which accelerates case treatment time and eliminates wirebending.

Never one to rest, Dr. McGann continues to revise the Progressive Orthodontic Seminars curriculum to reflect changes and technological improvements in the field of orthodontics.

Dr. David Dana
Dr. David Dana Vice Chief of Advisory Board in UNPRI McGann International School of Dentistry (MISD)


  • Dental Degree- Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico 1977-1981
  • Master in Prosthodontics-Boston University 1981-1983


Private practice since 1984.

Lecturer for POS from 1994 to present.

In addition to his work with Progressive, Dr. Dana has lectured in Mexico and Latin America on restorative and cosmetic dentistry, focusing on the use of Botulin toxin in dentistry and the use of lip filler for facial aesthetics.

Dr. Dana owns a private practice in Beverly Hills, California.