Practice & Certification

Any dentist must understand that a doctor is a necessary condition, enough to practice is to have a practice certificate.

In order to have a practicing certificate, for current Vietnamese dentists, according to Circular No. 41/2015 BYT, effective 1 January 2016, doctors must work full time at the hospital for 18 months or must have Specialized Certificate I.

For dentistry graduates overseas, there are two steps:

Step 1
Transcript is available at the Examination Department if it is not in countries accredited.
Step 2
Study for a one-year supplementary program certificate at a Medical University in the country.

Thus, MISD after graduation, will return home and take the second step.

The Representative Office is an organization that promotes educational cooperation with schools to enable them to improve their Vietnamese language skills, at the same time working in hospitals so that they can have a practicing certificate.


Skills and knowledge

MISD is not only a project supported by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education, MISD is also Indonesia's pride. MISD is one of the three international dental clinics in ASEAN (IMU-Malaysia, MDIS-Thailand-2015).

MISD has the strengths of combining American advanced dental curriculum into a dental curriculum in ASEAN and special teaching methods. The quality of the output of students is strictly controlled by the government and the school. Normally, to pass, they must reach 70%.

In Vietnam, the Y company is a partner that helps the school to better understand local factors in training. Y company is a company that impresses with creativity, dynamism and competence. Y company is considered by the school as an honorary member in the process of building and developing the school in the future.

The representative office is also a MISD support unit in Vietnam in matters related to legal changes if any in the future. In addition to the representative office, MISD has an official parent association. Parent associations are now major health, education and financial institutions in the country, contributing, advising and supporting MISD to improve the elements needed for the future. Of the children.

The road of the representative office after 5 years is to move to a MISD school in Vietnam, using 100% trained human resources in English, innovation method, harmonization between the US and ASEAN to create more hands. Generation inheritance for dental in Vietnam.

“We think, education is
The key to change the future.”

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