Dentistry Overview

The U.S New & world - one of the leading magazine on Unversites and Job ranking in USA have pointed out three criterias for job ranking as following: income, unemployment, work and life balance. Healthcare careers, especially dentistry, always on top many years in a row.


In fact, dentist is a flexible job. If you love to do the clinical work, dentist is often a better choice outweight other healthcare careers, due to less risk and pressure. If you love to do the cosmetics, cosmetics dentistry is more than welcome you. The current trendy treatment - Smile Design is made by collaboration between dentists in different specialties: orthodontics, gingival treatment, veneer, implant, facial cosmetics such as orthganic surgery, botox, filler.


Besides, the non-stop revolution of dental materials and techniques has been a wide-opened gate to those who love to do research and teaching. Dentists, nowaday, are so familiar to international seminars, where doctors become lecturers, and they can share amongst thier case studies. These annual and innovative events may be held in big conference room or webinar online.


Compared to other jobs, dental community is specified in small groups and in deep specialities. Therefore, instead of competing, they tend to work close and be nice to each other in order to grow fast.


Furthermore, dentists is a great job for those who are interested in engaging in bussiness or media.