In the field of study, most of the overseas schools will be through companies that have the function of studying abroad to recruit students. Eligible students will go through counseling companies to contact the school for admission requirements. This is the model when enrolling students studying Medicine, Pharmacy in Hungary, China ...

Medical study abroad is not the same as study in economics and engineering, apart from knowledge and skills, the recognition of qualifications is compulsory. Previously, medical center consultants had to submit school information, degrees and curricula to the Department of Education's Testing Center to apply for accredited schools. This is necessary because it affects the enrollment capacity of the centers.

Study abroad agents will be responsible for the enrollment of the school and everything will be completed when the student is enrolled. The education, graduation returning, the transfer of degrees is the responsibility of the students themselves.


Degree of recognition

After joining the ASEAN Commonwealth on December 31st, 2015, the recognition of diplomas among ASEAN countries is no longer controversial. In addition, the dentist is one of eight occupations free to practice in ASEAN.

The MISD Facial Dentist is licensed by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, the governing body of all legal universities in Indonesia. This diploma is recognized in Vietnam. Because it is a DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery, this is a practice, unlike the MDS (Master of Dental Science) theory, which equates to the name of "dentist".